Cigmău village

Cigmău is the birthplace of Romanian writer, philologist and historian Ioan Budai Deleanu, the foremost representative of the” Transylvanian School” („Școala Ardeleană”) and Romanian enlightenment. He is the author of several historical writings, but his most famous work is an epic poem called „Țiganiada” or „Tabăra Țiganilor”(“The Gypsy Camp”). Upon entering Cigmău, you will see…

The Rotonda

  The Romanesque Chapel, or the Rotonda of Geoagiu, is a rare sight in Transylvanian Romanesque architecture, due to its circular shape and the materials used to build it: repurposed roman brick, and very little river stone. The interior diameter of the nave is 5.5 meters, and the length (nave plus apse) is 7.5 meters…

The Reformed Church

Dating: 17th-18th century Built after the 17th century, the Reformed Church is 20 meters long, 10 meters wide and has a 20 meter high tower with an oddity: you can’t go inside it, since it has no door, no windows and no dormers. This generated a great number of urban legends regarding the purpose of…

Saint Nicholas Orthodox Church

Dating: 16th century The St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, built in 1528, is a massive baroque building, made of rough limestone and set in lime mortar, with a two-story wooden tower. The church vault has a semicircle shape. The altar and nave windows are framed by massive arches, keeping some gothic architectural elements. A massive wall…

Thermal spring no.1 – the healing

  From a chemical point of view, the water from this spring is oligomineral, recommended for both internal and external use. Its temperature varies between 27.4 to 30 degrees C. Therapeutic uses: Recommended for internal use in chronic gastritis, chronic hepatobiliary disorders, diabetes, allergies, anemia, and recovery after infectious diseases Recommended for external use in…

Thermal spring no. 6 – Roman

  The chemical analysis indicates a bicarbonated, calcium rich, hypotonic water, with a total mineralization of 1475.3 mg/l. Therapeutic uses: Recommended for internal use in urinary tract infections that require a diuresis diet Recommended for external use in pre arthritic conditions, articular rheumatism, allergic states following rheumatic fever or outbreak infections, peripheral nervous system disorders,…

Outlaws Grotto

The outlaw’s grotto is located on Clocota river, in the Geoagiu Băi resort. It owes its name to a legend born between the two wars, legend that tells the story of a treasure hidden in this exact spot.

You can get to the grotto after a ten minute hike, from the park.

The Clocota waterfall

The waterfall is situated on Clocota river, at the entrance of the Geoagiu Băi resort, having a difference of level of almost 20 meters, due to a steep rupture in the terrain. The water washed the roots of some trees from the upper side of the falls, causing them to fall and get partially or…

The thermal baths complex

In 1986, systematic archaeological research started on the perimeter of the antic thermal complex site, in the center of the Geoagiu Băi resort. This research identified a thermal complex like no other in the world, it owing its uniqueness to the way it’s organizes, the placement of the pools, and the mobile inventory discovered here.…

The roman road

Dating: 2nd-3rd century AD The Roman Road connected the Cigmău castra and the Roman baths with the auriferous area of Săcărâmb. In ancient times, it was called “The Gold Route”. The road is paved with polygonal tiles. In some areas, archaeologists discovered a depth of up to 70 centimeters, which explains it existing nowadays. The…

The Cigmău castra

On the right bank of the Mureș river, near Cigmău village, in a place called “Cetatea Urieșilor” (The City of Giants), a roman military castra was discovered. Its purpose was to guard and defend the road that linked Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa and Micia (nowadays Vețel), with Apulum (the modern day Alba Iulia) and “The Gold…

Casa Decebal

Category 2 Stars
 Number of spaces    4
 Number of seats  8
 Address  Str. Germisara, No. 1A
 City Geoagiu
 Locality  Geoagiu Băi
 County  Hunedoara
 Phone  0254-249.078, 0764-577.179
Economic operator name DECEBAL FRĂSINA – CASA  DECEBAL PFA


Vila H.C.C.

 Name H.C.C.
Category 4 Stars
 Number of spaces    11
 Number of seats  22
 Address  Str. Vilelor, No. 65A
 City Geoagiu
 Locality  Geoagiu Băi
 County  Hunedoara
 Phone 0755/019.330
Economic operator name ELECTROSIM SRL