Sarmizegetusa Regia

Sarmizegetusa Regia was the capital and the most important military, religious and political centre of the Dacians prior to the wars with the Roman Empire. (sursa:Wikipedia)
Traseu: Geoagiu-Orastie- Beriu-Orastioara-Costesti a distance of 38 km.
Once in Costesti, we are heading in the right direction Gradistea Mountain -Sarmizegetusa distance of 20 km.

Fortification from Ardeu

The Gauls had fortification from Ardeu pushed up the need to control the access road to the gold mines to beyond Zlatna. Just as the city of Apulon, located on Valley Ampoiului, experience one of the most important ways of penetrating to the heart of gold of the Apuseni Mountains, the city Ardeu found its…

Cibului Gorges

Cibului Gorge Nature Reserve was established in 1995 is a protected natural area complex. Cibului keys are located in the south-east of the Ore Mountains, Geoagiului Basin (tributary of Mures). They are part of a larger system of keys ferestruirea formed by two limestone ridges, peppers and Pleaşa Pleaşa Mare length of approximately 4.5 km…

Măzii Gorges

Some of the most spectacular and most famous gorges in Romania, have a total length of 2.4 kilometers and are the result of piercing the western side of Great Plesi (712 meters) by Balsa Valley. The left side of the key top is dominated by Dosu (684 meters), its peak offering one of the most…


Name  DAVA
Category 3 STARS
Address Str. Vilelor, No. 65A, Geoagiu Băi
Number of seats 120
Phone/Fax  0746-262.852
Economic operator SC DAVA SRL



Name  MONA
Category 2 STARS
Address Str. Vilelor No. 9, Geoagiu Băi
Number of seats  92
Phone/Fax  0254-249.102
Website  –
Economic operator SC SIMON BLANPRES SRL

Vila Dava

 Name DAVA
Category 3 Stars
 Number of spaces    11
 Number of seats  19
 Address  Str. Vilelor, No. 65A
 City Geoagiu
 Locality  Geoagiu Băi
 County  Hunedoara
 Phone  0746-262.852
Economic operator name DAVA SRL